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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  1. Treatment cost: Rs 1500
    Split of the treatment cost:
    Consultation cost: Rs 400
    Medicine cost: Rs 600
    Medicine Parcel cost: Rs 200
    Medicine packaging cost: Rs 200
    Miscellaneous cost: Rs 100
  2. To be eligible for a refund, the patient must have used the prescribed medicine for at least 2 months. A doctor will call from Medy Days to know the status of the disease and confirm that the patient has not benefitted from the medicine.
  3. The patient will only be refunded with the consultation cost for two months.
  4. If the patient avails the treatment for more than two months, then the patient won’t be eligible for a refund. Continuing the treatment for more than 2 months implies that the patient has benefitted from the prescribed medicine.
  5. Refund request has to be made through the email by the patient. The patient should send the request with all the details. The details including the consultation date, name of the disease, full address, mobile number, bank account number, name account holder, IFSC code of the bank and branch name.
  6. The refund amount will be deposited within 15 days of the request of refund.
  7. If the patient desires to avail the refund against the treatment in the patient should mail Medy Days within a time period of 15 days after stopping the intake of medicine.
  8. If the patient has not at all benefited from the medicine since the day s/he started the treatment, only then the refund will be given to the patient.
  9. The medicines prescribed for a month should be consumed within the given time limit. If the prescribed medicines are not consumed properly and the disease persists, no refund will be given to the patient and Medy Days will not be held responsible for the carelessness of the patient.


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